1)        Question:  How do I check to the credibility of a charity?

             Answer:  To Check the credibility of a charity, you can send a stamped, self-addressed, business-sized envelope to:


            Philanthropic Advisory Board                                                   


            Dept. 024

            Washington, DC 20042-0024

           They will research for you up to three charities per request.  They will then send you back a 1-4 page report on the charity(s)          

2)        Question: How can I find out if a name I would like for my Illinois corporation is available?

           Answer: Click Here To Check If Name Is Available

3)        Question: How do I become a Notary Public?

            Answer: Click Here To Get The Form For Illinois

4)        Question: Is The United States Tax Code online?

           Answer: Click Here To See The United States Tax Code

5)        Question: Where can I get Elder Law information for all 50 states and a "Consumer Tool Kit" containing a variety of self help

           worksheets, suggestions, and resources?

            Answer: Click Here To Obtain This Information

6)        Question: Where can I learn more about avoiding Identity Theft?

           Answer: Click Here To See The FTC's Website on Identity Theft  



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