FROM CHICAGO:  Take the KennedyExpressway through the Devon Tollbooth, which is just past the Cumberland exitsinto the Northwest Tollway (or I-90).  Take I-90 to the Barrington Roadexit going North.  Follow Barrington Road into the town of Barrington untilreaching Main Street (also known as Lake Cook Road) [there will be a CITGO gasstation on your left].  Take a right turn on Main Street and head Easttowards Northwest Highway (Route 14) and turn right [Dunkin Donuts will be onyour right and a Shell gas station will be on your left].  At the firststreet on the right (Klingenberg Lane) make a right turn and enter the parkinglot behind the building.


FROM THE SOUTH:  Take I-355 or I-290into 53 North.  Follow 53 North until it dead ends into Lake CookRoad.  Take Lake Cook Road West into Barrington until reaching NorthwestHighway (Route 14) [there will be a Mobil gas station on your right; directlyacross from the Mobil is a Shell gas station and across from the Shell gasstation on the left will be a Dunkin Donuts.  Make a left turn headingSouth (passing the Dunkin Donuts).  At the first street on the right (KlingenbergLane) make a right turn and enter the parking lot behind the building.